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The award-winning Catfish was parented by unknown strains. There have been presumptions that Catfish is a part of the Kush family but so far, there is no recorded evidence that can support the suppositions. Despite the secrets of its birth, the Catfish will never lure you to believe a false online persona. It has cemented its identity as a powerful pure sativa by Midnight Roots breeders. This strong and independent strain bagged the Medical Cannabis Cup first prize in Michigan way back 2014. Its buds are pretty cute and vibrant: bright green, orange hairs covered with glistening snow.

Flavor and Effects of Catfish

Catfish do not smell fishy. Instead, it is an appetizing mix of sweet berries and earthy flavor, with chemical undertones resonant with ammonia and diesel. As you inhale, you will taste the sour chemicals. The sweet hints come upon exhale. 

Just like how a catfish come to the water surface to breathe, you will be launched from the bottom of the freshwater to the surface where you can breathe out your stresses and anxieties. You will feel the blood from your temples and around the eyes increase. This is the strain generating energy and harnessing it for increased productivity and creativity.

Medical Benefits of Catfish

Catfish can help in stomping out the side-effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea and dizziness. If ever you are feeling down, troubled and hopeless, this strain can also feed you positivity and hope, making it suitable for depression patients. Aside from improving the mood, it can also restore one’s appetite.

Negative Effects of Catfish

While catfish can harness your energy to awaken your creative juices, it can also awaken your spirit until the wee hours of the morning, leaving you worn-out the next day. The head high may leave you overwhelmed and confused. It can also induce hunger which may be overwhelming to some.

Growing Catfish Some information and Tips

To grow Catfish indoors, ensure that you will be able to emulate Mediterranean climate in terms of humidity, lighting, and temperature. If outdoors, you may use pots so you can move your plants easily since it cannot survive early winter. For the strain to produce more buds, utilize the Screen of Green method for equal light distribution.