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Caramel King

Caramel King

This strain won the 1st place in the year 2009 on the contest Spannabis Champions Cup with the category Best Outdoor Strain. The King within its name is from the lineage or the crossing of White Rhino, BlueBlack, and Maple and Leaf Indica as this displays large assets.

Flavor and Effects of Caramel King

The blending flavors of sweet caramel and incense will blanket your buds. It will come first by inspiring you or strengthen clarity within your brain. You will feel loosen up and the pressure you had will be pushed away. The sentiments of being relaxed will weave firmly and impose couch-locked.

Medical Benefits of Caramel King

The exhaustion from the sentiments of depression and anxiety will smoothly go away by utilizing this strain. This will primarily numb the pains within the limbs. Caramel King cannabis strain will impose numbing properties on chronic pains and muscle fits. It will also restore sleeping order and appetite.

Negative Effects of Caramel King

An instant occurrence of dryness of the mouth and so the eyes when you take this strain. You might feel greener out or either be dazed by headache or anxiousness when you had this.

Growing Caramel King

A spacious indoor room or outdoor gardens must be utilized when growing this plant as its size will go big. Pruning must be done to eliminate some parts as it may block the entrance to elements like water and lighting to lower plants.