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The Cannatonic cannabis strain comes from top-notch genetic lineage. Its parents are MK Ultra and the legend, G13 Haze. This makes it no surprise that this strain is an all-around choice for a simple and relaxing smoke. Additionally, it also boasts of an array of medical abilities.

Flavor and Effects of Cannatonic

Cannatonic cannabis carries a very distinct flavor and aroma. This bud carries a sour and citrusy aroma, that is verging on earthy. Similarly, its taste is a refreshing combination of citrus and fresh pine. The tangy sweetness will linger on your mouth without being too strong and overwhelming.

This strain starts with a relatively light and mellow mental high that makes users feel like they are floating on a cloud of happy and optimistic feelings. The calm high makes them smile uncontrollably while being in a constant state of elatedness. The cerebral effects of clear-headedness, however, is slightly overshadowed by the strong numbing sensations that flow through the body. Both mental and physical high does not last as long as that of other strains, so it allows users to feel lighter after.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Cannatonic

The Cannatonic hybrid is a supreme strain with a wide range of medicinal values. It is popular in the medical scene for good reasons. For one, this strain is helpful in treating a number of aches and pains, which can range from common headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and even cerebral palsy. Because of its ability to make users feel calm and focused at the same time, this strain is also useful for patients who are suffering from chronic stress. The effects push them to be focused and more productive without stressing them out. In the same context, this strain can also help depressed patients. Their spirits can be uplifted, at least even for a temporary period of time.

Negative Effects of Cannatonic

This hybrid has minimal side effects as it was mainly created as a medicinal strain, rather than a recreational one. It may, however, induce a bit of dry mouth, itchy throat, and perhaps some dry eye sensation, which can all be uncomfortable. To counteract the feelings of parchedness, it is important to keep some water nearby.

Another less common side effect from the strain is an increased level of anxiety. However, this is most likely to occur among users who are prone to feelings of anxiousness in general.

Growing Cannatonic

Although resistant to pets, the Cannatonic strain is reportedly prone to mold and mildews. That means it is best kept in a controlled environment. It should be kept dry and exposed to the right temperatures and airflow all the time.