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Candy Punch

Candy Punch

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. has raised this incredible strain called Candy Punch, a THC-dominated marijuana strain, and a Sativa-dominated weed. This strain is identified to be produced by mixing the Fruit Punch with a Candy strain to have the efficacy that can be offered to those Sativa lovers in the industry. This variety presents its fragrant twist, plus its sweet and pleasant taste, which produces tempting results. You can use it to energize your day and make it perfect for your morning smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Candy Punch

It posses a sour pop of lemon, the sweetness of the berries, as well as the earthy tone of a Kush, all squeezed into just one. This Candy Punch cannabis also offers physical effects, making it the greatest to be used throughout the day. Her ability to enliven the mind converts to physical, reviving energy, and providing hours with no lethargy.

Medical Benefits of Candy Punch

Patients of medical cannabis enjoy various varieties of their role in pain management and other diseases. The continuous, fun buzz in the head arising from taking this medication will relieve the build-up of anxiety, causing you intense pain all the time.

Negative Effects of Candy Punch

Dry and cottonmouth can be experienced as well as dizziness and paranoid for those who have a low tolerance.

Growing Candy Punch Some information and Tips

Given the advantages as a lean Sativa weed, the cultivation of Candy Punch, especially for the beginners, is still very overwhelming. Although it can be planted indoors and outdoors, indoor planting is preferred; for some reason, the strain is vulnerable.

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