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Cambodian strain refers to marijuana plants that grow natively in its namesake’s area. These native types, also called landraces to tend to be sativa in structure and effect due to Cambodia’s latitude and climate.

Cambodian has a savory smell of earthy flowering skunk and a taste. This cannabis mostly grows in the southwestern province. Taken care of by the local farmers, this strain is mostly Sativa.

Flavor and Effects of Cambodian

This strain produces a refreshing taste that is similar to its aroma. A diverse mix of earthy flavors exploded in the mouth as soon as one takes a toke. A blend of herbal and tropical taste makes one inquire for more. It leaves a skunky aftertaste with a floral tone. Its effects are essentially mental and behavioral. It induces happy endorphins and uplifts the state. Forms under the influence of Cambodian strain manage to be talkative and trippy.

Medical Benefits of Cambodian

Cambodian strain could easily reduce cerebral disorders. The strong cerebral euphoria that it delivers induces joy. In making people uplifted, it wipes out stress. It also has benefits to patients with depression as well as other conditions, including PTSD and ADHD or ADD.

Negative Effects of Cambodian 

Cambodian strain can cause dry mouth and eyes. It may also produce other negative side effects, such as having a mild headache and dizziness. Drinking a lot of water will ease its effect; hydrating is the only way to break its symptoms.

Growing Cambodian

Cambodian grows well on semi-humid and Mediterranean-like climates. This strain has an indoor flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. During harvest gives a bounty full yields.