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Cambodian Haze

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Cambodian Haze is an Asian twist to classic Purple Haze. Mixing the all-time favorite classic with Cambodian merely accentuated the sativa magic. If you are looking for a pure Sativa, Cambodian Haze is a one of a kind treat from Reeferman Seeds. 

Despite its high THC levels, Cambodian Haze can be recommended for beginners, especially those who are slowly leveling up to more potent strains. What sets it apart from other Sativa strains is its lesser negative effects regardless of its instant energizing abilities. 

The plants have a strong smell of citrus, lemon with herbs and spices overtones. Its long canopy leaves are complete with yellow-green buds covered with bright orange tresses and snowy trichomes, smothered with a sticky texture.

Flavor and Effects of Cambodian Haze

Cambodian Haze is a mouth-watering mix of herbal, lemon, spiciness and sweetness. Best for morning to late afternoon usage, it is perfect for activities requiring a higher level of focus and concentration. It sweeps the racing thoughts inside your mind to enable open-mindedness, ensuring a smooth flow of creative ideas and thoughts. The high will hit you between your eyes, leaving you in a hazy daze. Once the haze subsides, the high slowly creeps to your body, relaxing it as it spreads from your neck to your toes. 

Medical Benefits of Cambodian Haze

Cambodian Haze appeases anxiety and depression symptoms. It boosts the mood and energizes the user. It can also soothe physical pain starting from the temples, muscle pains, back pain down to your legs suffering from arthritis. Nausea and even glaucoma are also eased by the strain.

Negative Effects of Cambodian Haze

As with other strains, dry mouth and dry eye cases are fairly common since cannabinoids interfere with the production of moisture. Though these can be driven away by a glass of water, it can be replaced by anxiety, dizziness and migraine.

Growing Cambodian Haze Some information and Tips

Cambodian Haze will really love you for placing it in organic soil. This type of soil brings out the fullness of flavors. Hydroponics is a recommended setup since it can upgrade the potency. 

Its pure sativa qualities mean it can grow tall. Screen and Green method and Low-Stress Training tactics will help in equal distribution of light and air to the leaves.