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Call Girl

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Skunk # 1 and Gorilla Grape brings another powerful blend in the form of Call Girl. While highly of indica variety, Call Girl has also acquired the sativa qualities of both parent hybrids. This powerful strain will give you a classic taste of the 1970s lavished with grape and earthy flavour. It can be cultivated indoors and even outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Call Girl

The Call Girl is a blend of Gorilla Grapes’ sweet fruity flavour with a hit of diesel. The diesel stink vigour, flavour and size just got added to the earthy Skunk. Once smoked, the mix will instantly give a nice head rush. After the enjoyable rush comes the spontaneous burst of creativity and tranquillity. Perfect for relaxation, the euphoric high provides an adequate amount of happiness and focus.

Medical Benefits of Call Girl

Call Girl is usually smoked to avoid the complications of depression and anxiety. The potency melts away stress, dizziness, and headache. It can be smoked during daytime for higher calm and focus. The relaxing aroma and taste is also recommended for night use to achieve that deep snooze. Insomnia patients take a drag of this to lull them to sleep.

Negative Effects of Call Girl

The overwhelming effects tend to be sedating if used in a larger amount. The usual side effects are having a dry mouth and dry eyes. Dizziness may also kick in which can lead to a throbbing headache and even paranoia. Instead of a relaxing sleep, it can cause heaviness.

Growing Call Girl Some information and Tips

Either indoors or outdoors, Call Girl can thrive and produce a high yield. It doesn’t require a huge space as its Skunk origin has conditioned it for bushy growth. It will not reach an overwhelming height which makes it perfect for starters. Let the top of the dirt dry out between watering if you are growing in soil. You may also do Screen of Green so all light are distributed to all plants.