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California Sour Diesel

California Sour Diesel

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The California Sour Diesel strain’s genetic lineage is a cross between the Sour Diesel and Headband strains. This sativa dominant hybrid is bred by the legendary Humboldt Seed Company or HSC. The strain produces a super taste with strong fantastic high and a 27% strong THC levels.

Flavor and Effects of California Sour Diesel

The California Sour Diesel strain offers an incredibly intense sweet and fruity taste with notes of oil. Similarly, it produces a scent that is reminiscent of sour lemon with both skunky and diesel undertones.

This strain delivers a strong and powerful, long-lasting high with dreamy cerebral effects that many true sativa lovers will enjoy. It offers the same fast-acting high that has pushed its parent, the Sour Diesel, to legendary status. It is the ideal strain for users who are looking to boost their energy levels, perhaps to come up with the best mood to go out and party on a Friday night.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of California Sour Diesel

The strain’s high 27% TCH level makes it an ideal medicinal strain. It is helpful for patients who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. This hybrid may also help treat users who suffer from PTSD and attention disorders.

Negative Effects of California Sour Diesel

Being a strong sativa hybrid, the California Sour Diesel can increase a user’s level of anxiety and some slight bouts of dizziness if consumed above an individual’s tolerance limits.

Growing California Sour Diesel

The California Sour Diesel strain grows well indoors. However, with proper care and nutrients, this hybrid will also thrive outdoors. This strain grows densely and quite abundantly, with above-average yields.

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