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Calico Queen

Calico Queen

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It is a blend of Star Dawg and San Fernando Valley OG Kush that can be considered a match in heaven. This combination creates effects that are favorable for people who are struggling with certain health conditions. The potency of this hybrid strain goes with the coolness of spearmint and menthol in your mouth. It’s a perfect evening strain that you can chill out with.

Consumers who have tried this strain rated it with five stars. The credit goes to its breeder, Greenpoint Seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Calico Queen

It will cool your mouth as the flavor is comprised of menthol and spearmint with peaty moss undercurrents. It has the Indica effect that is not overwhelmingly sedative. But you can lay still at ease and be relaxed. Its effects seem to slow things down around you.

Medical Benefits of Calico Queen

This weed pacifies most of the things that mingle with your body and mind. So it can combat deep-seated pain or ache. It will not let you awake the entire night as it can make you fall asleep easily so insomnia is gone for good. It alleviates symptoms of mental disorders or conditions that are related to mood.

Negative Effects of Calico Queen

Cottonmouth and red, dry eyes are the usual side effects of weed. If you don’t want pronounced negative effects, don’t take a dosage that you can’t handle.

Growing Calico Queen

This weed flourishes indoors or outdoors that can be topped and trained in the early stage of its growth. Regular monitoring is necessary to make sure it’s in a healthy condition.

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