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Cali Dragon

Cali Dragon

Created and crossed from LA OG, Trainwreck, and Recon OG4 by Ethos Genetics’ Purple Kush is the Cali Dragon. Part of the Purple Kush line of the breeder, these buds are thick, vivid, and crystal-drenched trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Cali Dragon

Cali Dragon in association with a dragon that spits fire, this strain with that likeability got the spicy taste combined in pine and sandalwood with a touch of earth and by a subtly sweet and musky undertone, this will strain let you savor. This strain crashes easily in both mind and body, making you feel happy as this increases the euphoric level. To arrive in that state, this is best to use when you wanted to relax peacefully as of the day.

Medical Benefits of Cali Dragon

This strain will let you handle and overcome depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. This will also ease some chronic pain or chronic fatigue you have been feeling; specifically, muscle cramps or spasms and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Cali Dragon

Proper dosage or less or more on this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry like any other strains do. Also, you may feel dizziness upon smoking this; hence, it is tolerable enough.

Growing Cali Dragon

In a warm climate, either indoors or outdoors is good for growing this strain. A proper amount of water, sunlight, humidity, and fertilizers should be given to get the best result of this strain.