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Cahuita Kush

Cahuita Kush

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It is a strain from Costa Rica landrace under Pura Vida. Before the breeder started feminizing this weed for production, a ranger at Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica reproduced it for 25 years. Growing this strain comes with nice traits like stability, being robust, fast-flowering and productivity. So you can put it on your list as one of the strains for cultivation.

It’s an Indica dominant variety that you can consume at the end of the day to release stress and other unwanted feelings.

Flavor and Effects of Cahuita Kush

If you’re a kush lover, you better try this as the flavor would please your taste buds. You will have the euphoria that can energize you. But once it dwindles, a relaxing effect takes over. So you would be calm as you free yourself from negative feelings and thoughts within its sedation.

Medical Benefits of Cahuita Kush

It can be used to get rid of insomnia as it will allow you to gain enough sleep. It can soothe pain or aches, muscle tension, spasm, and cramps. It gives a reprieve for people who struggle with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, stress and mood swings.

Negative Effects of Cahuita Kush

You can expect to experience cottonmouth and dry, irritated eyes. So drinking water or soda is a must to avoid these minor side effects.

Growing Cahuita Kush

This weed can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. It is a robust plant that flourishes well indoors but still, you have to protect it against pests, diseases, and molds. It’s suitable for the SOG method as it can be in short stature indoors.

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