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It is a painkiller strain from its rip-roaring effects, and Jordan of the Islands originally bred this from the combination of Afghani and Northern Lights. The name was based on its vague likeness to pear cactus. It produces forest green, heart-shaped nugs that are covered by milky white trichomes. It’s the first place winner in High Times Cannabis Cup 2012. It can be smoked in the evening or like an after-dinner treat.

Flavor and Effects of Cactus

The tanginess and sweetness of citrus pine make up its aroma and taste but with a tinge of earthy spice. Once you puffed it, you will feel uplifted and motivated. The cerebral buzz is pinned down by the potent body high with lazy waves that put the body in relaxation and sedation.

Medical Benefits of Cactus

It can treat mental issues like PTSD, depression, stress, bipolar, and mild anxiety. It’s sedative, so pain can be wiped out, and it can give a good sleep that’s needed by insomniacs.

Negative Effects of Cactus

Dry mouth and itchy eyes are expected from this strain, but it can be prevented by hydration. When it was used too much, you could feel a headache, dizziness, and paranoia.

Growing Cactus

It grows well indoors and outdoors with the Sea of Green method. Temperature control is required in growing this strain, or you have to be in a place with a warm climate. It is resistant to pest and mold. You may want to install a carbon filtration system to keep its stink from spreading.