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Its stability as a Sativa dominant strain is done by Gea Seeds. It is the child of Widow and Haze that is capable of giving psychoactive effects. It is also a fragrant smoke because of its thick, incredible aroma. Once the buds are properly cured, you will experience its wonderful smell and taste. It has powerful effects so it’s the reason why it can be an efficient medical aid.

You’ll be amazed by its colossal growth rate. Its large stem will have lateral, woody branches.

Flavor and Effects of Cachaleto

It has a nice fragrance that goes well with its flavor of incense, spice, lemon, and citrus. It delivers psychoactive high and stimulates your body. It’s long-lasting and therapeutic. So no wonder that it can handle several health conditions.

Medical Benefits of Cachaleto

Due to its therapeutic properties, cancer patients who are under chemotherapy will be given relief. This effect also handles inflammation, chronic pain, cramps, spasm, muscle tension, anxiety, depression, and stress. It enhances the appetite so it can eliminate eating disorders. Its abilities are also applicable to getting rid of nausea.

Negative Effects of Cachaleto

Red, itchy eyes and dry mouth are the usual adverse effects of marijuana. They can easily be reversed by drinking water or fluids. Pronounced side effects can’t be encountered if you don’t overuse it.

Growing Cachaleto

You can let it grow indoors and outdoors. It would love to receive a lot of sunlight outside as long as you fertilize it appropriately. Since it’s a fragrant weed, flowering time is not noticeable.

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