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C5 Haze

C5 Haze

C5 Haze is a sativa dominant strain and its parents are Northern Lights #5 and Haze C. The plant grows humongous oval-shaped buds, orange hairs and an ample amount of trichomes. This plant can only/preferred to be cultivated indoors, using the method Sea of Green (S.o.G), means forces the plant to flower at an early stage.

The C5 Haze provides the tastes of fruity, lemon and woody flavors. It has a flowering time of 11 to 12 weeks but by using S.O.G method, we will get our desired results much faster, making it easier for commercial sellers and beginner cultivators alike even with its moderate growing difficulty.

Flavor and Effects of C5 Haze

C5 Haze presents the tastiness of fruity, lemon and woody flavors. When consumed, it leaves a sharp physical effect that could last for an hour depending on the dosage. While all that, is also euphoric, while it does provide energy for your uses, it might cause your heart to have a high rate and palpitation.

Medical Benefits of C5 Haze

The C5 Haze offers the following medical benefits such as treatment for heavy migraines, arthritis, depression, and glaucoma.

Negative Effects of C5 Haze

The negative effects to be expected when taking in a dosage of C5 Haze are dryness of the mouth and eyes and paranoia due to possible overdosage, or the long-lasting effect of the strain causing stress to the user.

Growing C5 Haze Some information and Tips

To grow C5 Haze, it is recommended to be nurtured only in indoor locations. Using the S.o.G method, it will flower faster than expected, ready for an early harvest. It has moderate difficulty in growing but due to the technique stated above, first-time cultivators’ may grow one for their personal use.