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Created between the two-hybrid strains, which are Chemdawg and Lemon Thai-Pakistan, and an indica-dominant. C3 are differentiated by medium to large flowers adhering to a chunky, roughly spherical structure. This bud has bright yellow-green nugs with rich gold undertones, deep amber skin, and a light amber crystal trichomes covering.

Flavor and Effects of C3

C3 will untangle the pleasant savor of sweet herbal lemon with a smooth citrusy and spicy floral aroma. This strain will uplift your moods that will let you experience in much bliss. User’s smoking will make the feeling that they must reconnect socially to people. Indulging this will make you sway with the cloud, and you’ll feel being sedated, which later on will lull you to sleep.

Medical Benefits of C3

This indica-dominant hybrid will help you in curing insomnia and will let you sleep in small takes. Also, it helps you to overcome stress and being anxious. This strain greatly relieves any type of chronic pain and will lessen the level of pain on your migraines.

Negative Effects of C3

In accordance with some of the strains, C3 will make your mouth and eyes dry. Using this will make you crave much in the water, and may experience dizziness.

Growing C3

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a hot and humid climate. If grown indoors, make sure to get enough light to penetrate in. Keep the plant away from pests and diseases. This may require much care.