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C13 Haze

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C13 Haze strain is one of the several strains in the DNA Geneticscatalog. It’s a crossbreed among Cannalope Haze and G13. This hybrid smells more like the G13 side of its genealogy and tastes fabulous. 

The THC content of the C13 Haze strain is around 15% and 20%. A sativa-dominant hybrid that gives a focused high and a dank, enticing taste profile.

 Flavor and Effects of C13 Haze

C13 Haze strain gives off a disturbing and irritating smoke that can tickle the sinuses and palate. On the emit, this haze offers a mixture of fruity, piney, and earthy flavors. Common effects such as uplifting happiness, pure euphoria, and a buzz that can only be identified productive. The haze is the best fit for hitting back and relaxing, even during the day.

Medical Benefits of C13 Haze

Known as one of medical cannabis most blurred strains, the effects are wandered about by users. This strain relieves the symptoms of migraines, debilitating or chronic pain, anxiety, and critical or chronic stress. It is also one of the most useful strains out there for reducing nausea within the body.

Negative Effects of C13 Haze 

The downsides of this strain are pretty gentle, involving dry eyes and dry mouth. Staying hydrated will be the best treatment of its side effects.

Growing C13 Haze

This strain can be successfully grown indoors or out, although success outdoors needs a hot, humid climate and consistent daytime sunshine. The sativa-influenced plants manage to be tall and branchy, and indoor growers may require to cut back its stems early on to fit the plants in short growing spaces.