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Bushmans is a sativa dominant strain and has two leading producers. One came from OriginSeeds, and its parent strains are Bushmans x Bushmans. It has a flowering period of more or less than 56 days. It emits wonderful aroma and vanilla flavor. It is resistant from molds, cold and rainy weather.

The second is a product from Nectar Seeds. It has a flowering time of 45 to 50 days. Indoor and outdoor are both ideal spots for nurturing Bushmans. Both of Bushmans producers/breeders still give the satisfaction a sativa could give, relaxation while having the strength to concentrate on whatever you are aiming to do. Perfect for daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of Bushmans

Bushmans strain provides the classic flavor of vanilla flavor. When consumed, it will give a slight or strong physical effect and cerebral buzz, aiming to energize and make you socially capable. Perfect for daytime use.

Medical Benefits of Bushmans

Bushmans have the medical advantages of helping people with chronic pain, stress, nausea, migraines, headaches, anxiety and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Bushmans

When consuming cannabis sativa, dryness of the mouth and eyes are to be expected, so getting hydrated is a crucial thing to do when under the influence. When overdosed with Bushmans, it may induce slight or extreme paranoia and anxiousness. Proceed with proper guidance.

Growing Bushmans Some information and Tips

Bushmans can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. This plant is a perfect suggestion when growing your first cannabis as it has properties that can withstand molds, cold environment and rainy weather.

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