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Buffalo Bill

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Buffalo Bill is a sativa-dominant between Willie’s Wonder and Killer Ken produced by New House Seeds and nurtured by Doc and Yeti’s in Washington State. A sheet of crystal pitch covers the thick buds, almost hiding its interweaving green and lavender colors. 

Though 70% sativa by heredity, Buffalo Bill strain can hit with a force that leaves you attached to your seat while the mind freely ranges blissful euphoria. A sweet, earthy pine fragrance drifts from its kief-caked pot, transferring your senses through to a wintery bliss.

 Flavor and Effects of Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill strain tastes just like how it smells. The first toke exposes the taste of pine and wood but the tropic flavors of citric and pineapple. Emitting the smoke leaves the herbal aftertaste of sage and sweet tea. Buffalo Bill’s strain effects usually take grip right after the first puff. As with many Sativa-dominant hybrids, it first raises users to soar heights before gently moving them down. Giving a unique pleasure that is brought about by a euphoric rush.

 Medical Benefits of Buffalo Bill

This strain’s healing benefit lies in its psychoactive attributes and cannabinoids. Buffalo Bill continues to aid users suffering from either mental or physical discomfort. Patients diagnosed with depression or PTSD but may find relief with Buffalo Bill.

Negative Effects of Buffalo Bill 

This strain has its fair share of adverse reactions. Often times it adds dryness in the eyes and the mouth as well as a bit of dizziness or a headache. 

Growing Buffalo Bill

Patience is normally a necessity when raising Buffalo Bill. But once the flowering stage of 9 to 10 weeks is done, it rewards a decent yield. Buffalo Bill prospers in warm climates.