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Buddha’s Tooth

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Buddha’s Tooth strain is an uplifting, social strain created by Phantom Farms. It is a crossbreed of the ever-popular Blue Dream and the hippie-dippy Diesel strain, Dharma Diesel. This sativa-dominant gives invigorating bodily and mental effects as well as an enticing flowery aroma.

These stimulating effects also inspire the user with cerebral energy that keeps the mind more or less plain while playfully provoking creativity, the best option for social parties.

Flavor and Effects of Buddha’s Tooth

Buddha’s Tooth emits a citrusy sour character with the hints of pine. This strains fragrance is candy sweet that will deliver a smooth aftertaste. This classic Kush can present you with a chatty effect while being creative and energetic.

 Medical Benefits of Buddha’s Tooth

Buddha’s Tooth strain is proper for aiding several medical illnesses and symptoms. Overall, this strain is rated as one of the most suitable cannabis for helping those who are enduring depression, fatigue, and inflammation.

 .Negative Effects of Buddha’s Tooth 

The usual common side effects that have been recorded from Buddha’s Tooth cannabis incorporate dry eyes, dry mouth. If you are feeling these effects, be sure to stay hydrated and drink a lot of fluids.

Growing Buddha’s Tooth

This strain can be planted indoors or outdoors and favors a dry, tropical atmosphere. Buddha’s Tooth’s indica profile suggests that the plant will grow short and bushy. Practice a trimming session every once in a while to keep the plant healthy and free-flowing of sunlight.