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Buddhas Hand

Buddha’s Hand

Crossed from the Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus, and a sativa-dominant hybrid is the strain Buddha’s Hand. Buddha’s hand buds have spade-shaped green woodland nugs with fuzzy orange hair and frosty amber-colored crystal trichomes spattering.

Flavor and Effects of Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand makes you savor the sweet lemon or pineapple with a touch of floral. Usage of this strain will heighten euphoria and enhances a sense of clarity. As this makes you feel in the cloud, it makes you forget and eases the pains you have felt. Also, this strain will untangle your creative mind and gives a tingly feeling.

Medical Benefits of Buddha’s Hand

Embracing the calming hand of Buddha, this strain will heal the fatigues you have been experiencing. This strain is also a great pain relief on stress and muscle spasms or cramps. Also, this strain will reinforce your lack of appetite, which helps in elevating your fondness on meals. At the same time, this will help you manage depression.

Negative Effects of Buddha’s Hand

In the same effects with other strain, this will also make you experience dry mouth and eyes. This stain may give the feeling of anxiousness upon taking this in high doses or the first time using this.

Growing Buddha’s Hand

This strain can be grown, whether indoors or outdoors, with a warm climate. This strain needs special care, especially on making it free from insects or on any type of disease.