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Bubble n Squeak 1

Bubble n Squeak #1

Through the crossing of Bubble n Squeak 1 F2 cannabis strains, an Indica dominant hybrid called Bubble n Squeak #1 was created. It is a very pungent strain, but many cannabis enthusiasts prefer using it because of its effects and medical benefits.

Flavor and Effects of Bubble n Squeak #1

Bubble n Squeak #1 has a sweet, grapefruit, and bubblegum flavor. Cannabis enthusiasts who look for a strain with both cerebral and euphoric effects should experience using this strain. It leads the user to a feeling of being hypnotized and relaxed. Moreover, the user can focus and be creative while doing his tasks.

Medical Benefits of Bubble n Squeak #1

The use of this cannabis strain is a great help for patients suffering from fatigue, chronic stress, pain, and even depression. The recommended time to use it is at night time when you are about to go to sleep.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bubble n Squeak #1

The negative effect of using this cannabis strain is dry mouth. It is common for both male and female users to experience this while using it.

Growing Bubble n Squeak #1

Novice growers who want to grow a cannabis strain with short internodes in his indoor or outdoor grow room can choose Bubble n Squeak #1. Expect this strain to have dense, sticky, and large buds. As an effective growing tip for both beginner and expert cannabis growers, prepare all the growing necessities of this strain such as proper nutrients and carbon filtration.