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Bubble Crack

Bubble Crack

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Bubble Crack was produced by Flash Seeds which came from parents with ruderalis, indica, and sativa as varieties making it an auto-flowering variety thanks to the Ruderalis. Its genetics came from the Bubble Gum combined into the Green Crack and a Mexican cannabis variety.

This is suitable for those who are looking for an extra strong experience of cannabis especially the seasoned one. They can sense the difference in its effect. Good for day or night use and has a CBD level of 1%.

Flavor and Effects of Bubble Crack

Taste sweet cannabis with fruits or earthy flavors. You will feel a very pleasant high as it gives you a feeling of happiness with the psychedelic energy that will throw all your worries away. You can have it at night or day when you need to have the high and its medical benefits. If you need to focus, be creative and have some works to do, you can have this cannabis variety. It will give the needed energy.

Medical Benefits of Bubble Crack

This variety can help with your depression concern, relieves stress, stimulates your appetite, and you can be relieved from mild pain to chronic pain.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bubble Crack

You can experience dry mouth and dry eyes or slight paranoia with no severe side effects to worry.

Growing Bubble Crack

You can choose to grow this plant indoors, outdoors or in your greenhouse. It does not choose its environment as it can thrive well in any setting you choose. It is easy to cultivate even for beginners. You can start learning to cultivate marijuana with this variety. Buds are large and well-built.

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