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British G.A.S

Brought to us by London City Genetics, British G.A.S. is a combination of Sour Chiesel and Psycho-OG. The name itself suggests how potent it can be. With mostly sativa genetics, it produces a tall plant with large and heavy buds with plump calyxes covered with shimmering trichomes. It emits a strong fruit, diesel, gas, and skunky aroma, living up to its name. With its quick veg growth, it can be grown either indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of British G.A.S.

British G.A.S. just tastes just like how it smells. It has a broad spectrum of peculiar scent and taste/ Its fruity but overpowered by diesel, fuel, and gas skunkiness, hence its name. The potent mixture will catch you off-guard. You will feel some pressure around your eyes and temples. The cerebral experience is coupled with a strong, uplifting feeling. Muscle stiffness is also soothed and eased as you sink further into a state of pure bliss and relaxation. At that point, the cerebral relaxation follows right away. It will make you productive, creative and talkative the whole day.

Medical Benefits of British G.A.S.

British G.A.S. can reduce the severity and duration of epileptic seizures, relief from arthritis, migraine, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. With its ability to put a person into a blissful state, it is also recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. It can stabilize the mood which effectively removes any negativity and organizes racing thoughts. The strain is also great for those with ADD or ADHD as it can increase focus and concentration. It will definitely help the patients be able to focus their attention on one task at a given time.

Negative Effects of British G.A.S.

The strain almost has the same downsides with other potent and promising strains. It can dehydrate the user if dosages are taken excessively. This dehydration can lead to cotton mouth, dry and irritated eyes, and a parched throat. There are even times that these are accompanied by a bit of drowsiness, migraine and hallucinations.

Growing British G.A.S. Some information and Tips

British G.A.S. thrives well in the Screen of Green (SCROG) setup. Due to its height potential, topping, pruning and trellising is required to maintain adequate light and air exposure. This can also help to avoid molds and powdered mildew. With its potent smell, the installation of odor filters is advised.