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A cross between Afghan and Early Wonder Skunk, Brickland contains the best genetics of Afghani crossed with Afghani x Thai, crossed again with Hawaiian x Guatemalan and mixed with an unknown Ruderalis for fast flowering qualities. The classic lineage produced a plant similar to a Christmas tree with closely-knitted buds as big as baseballs. It can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Brickland

Brickland inherited its parents’ classic sweet and sour mix. The potent strain delivers a very strong hit without knocking you off. It will instantly calm your mind and body. That way, pure joy can easily penetrate your mind to wake up the bright ideas which have been sleeping. After calming the mind, it will proceed in calming the body. The head to toe effects is long-lasting. It is something that can be enjoyed by beginners and even experienced smokers.

Medical Benefits of Brickland

Brickland is usually smoked to avoid complications of depression and anxiety. The potency melts away stress, dizziness, and headache. It can be smoked during the daytime for higher calm and focus. The relaxing aroma and taste are also recommended for night use to achieve that deep snooze. Insomnia patients take a drag of this to lull them to sleep.

Negative Effects of Brickland

Brickland did not only inherit its parents’ aroma, taste, and effects, but also the adverse effects it can deliver if overindulging is done. Just like its parent hybrids, having a dry mouth is a top downside for large intakes, followed by dry eyes. It can also make a user anxious, dizzy and paranoid. Headache is also another negative effect that can be anticipated. You may also have trouble sleeping.

Growing Brickland Some information and Tips

Brickland will definitely love the hydroponics setup. For lighting, HPS lights are totally alright, but LED lights are recommended. If you want to have a tastier and powerful plant, you may use UV lights. You may use some root stimulants. Watering should not have a fixed schedule so molds and mildews don’t stand a chance.

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