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Brave Unicorn

Composed of 60% indica genes and 40% sativa genes, Brave Unicorn is an addition to Good House Seeds’ list of promising strains. It is a combination of White Widow x KGB crossed back with another KGB. This remarkable mix resulted to a plant with an abundant production of resins and dense buds. With its high survival no matter what weather it is, Brave Unicorn can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. It can be easily grown by novices or pros.

Flavor and Effects of Brave Unicorn

Brave Unicorn’s smell and taste is just the same. It is a mouth-watering mix of fresh citrus, herbs and pepper. The potent strain delivers a very strong hit without knocking you off. It will instantly calm your mind and body. That way, pure joy can easily penetrate your mind to wake up the bright ideas which have been sleeping. After calming the mind, it will proceed in calming the body. The head to toe effects are long-lasting. It is something that can be enjoyed by beginner and even experienced smokers.

Medical Benefits of Brave Unicorn

Brave Unicorn’s bravery or high THC level makes it a great strain for a lot of medical conditions. In terms of mental conditions, its psyche soothing effects can help people with ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic stress and bipolar disorder. In terms of physical pains, Brave Unicorn can kick away muscle pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, back pain, neck pain and arthritis. It also soothes migraines, headaches and can induce hunger for appetite loss patients, as well as sleep for insomnia.

Negative Effects of Brave Unicorn

Brave Unicorn’s negative effects can feel so uncomfortable. It is like being hit by the candy corn horn. Excessive dosages can give you an excruciating headache, paranoia, hallucination, loss of appetite, dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Growing Brave Unicorn Some information and Tips

Raising Brave Unicorn does not need any magic or fairy dust. All you need to have is your green thumb. It will thrive well if placed in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. To encourage its maximum potential, make sure you take the time in its growing season. You may do staking to support it as it produces a lot of buds.