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Brasil x K.C.

Bagging the coveted 2nd place in the IC 420 Growers Cup in 2005, the award-winning Brasil x K.C. is bred by KC Brains Holland. Dominated by indica genes, it produces narrow, dark green leaves with beautiful purple and blue hues. A combination of Mango Vermehlo and KC 606, the combination of genes makes it grow like a little Christmas tree with sticky resins. It emits a bitter, sour and musky smell. Originally bred to be cultivated indoors, it is also suitable for outdoor growing.

Flavor and Effects of Brasil x K.C.

Brasil x K.C is a delectable mix of citrus sweetness, laced with spiciness with woody undertones. It might have mostly indica genes but can absolutely deliver balanced head and body effects. At first, you will feel a bit of pressure around the eyes and your temples. The strain may even cause you to zone out as it slowly relaxes you from head to toe. It relaxes while still leaving you functional. You will be inspired to do all the tasks you have been procrastinating on.

Medical Benefits of Brasil x K.C.

Brasil x K.C. relaxing properties are perfect for people struggling with insomnia and loss of appetite. It can help trigger hunger and sleep. Due to its balanced relaxing and energizing properties, it is highly recommended for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. It can kick any feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts that usually inhibit their productivity and replaces it with bliss. It can also help ADD, ADHD, insomnia and patients with appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Brasil x K.C.

Minor adverse reactions are dry mouth, dry eyes and parched throat which can be easily relieved by just keeping yourself rehydrated right away. Overindulging can lead to more major reactions such as headaches, migraine, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Growing Brasil x K.C. Some information and Tips

Brasil x K.C. grows well in the Sea of Green (SOG) setup. Keeping it in a longer flowering stage maximizes the yield and the delectable scent. To maintain its beautiful Christmas tree shape, tipping the branches’ tops is highly recommended. This can also help in the production of high-quality clones.

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