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Brandywine by Dungeons Vault Genetics is a pleasant indica strain created by crossing Pink Champagne and Grandpa’s Breath. It is a strong bud that won first place in the Indica category at the 2017 Dope Awards in Seattle. Brandywine has no super-public data set, but it is rumored that her THC potency is measuring at a whopping 31%. Dense nugs feature, dark amber pistils, and incredibly thick violet trichomes covering, so we’re inclined to believe this is as strong as people say. A high strain this is that is going to last you until you go to sleep and best to use in the evening.

Flavor and Effects of Brandywine

Brandywine strain brings the splendid touches of fruity, sugary, and sweet flavors. Brandywine hits with an initial cerebral boost that brings happiness to you. When you take a hit, there will be no care in the world, and shortly when there are just as strong physical effects. You can feel relaxed and pain-free but still enjoy having a conversation. You may be feeling glued to the couch upon using this. Such long-lasting effects will not make you tired or sedated but will keep you at ease. Warm relaxation waves start at your head and make their way to your feet, offering sedative effects as well as a tinge of hunger. So it is recommended to prepare snacks in advance.

Medical Benefits of Brandywine

Brandywine strain relieves even the worst cases of anxiety and depression. Other medical conditions, including insomnia and pervasive body pain, are also addressed, and people with a loss of appetite may want to consume a little before eating due to the booze that you will experience. Brandywine is a fantastic warrior against inflammation. During this long-lasting high, the euphoria has no boundaries, so try this bud when you’ve had a very rough day.

Negative Effects of Brandywine

Novice users, seasoned consumers, low dosage, or high dosage by taking this strain can expect dry mouth and dry eyes. It can, therefore also give the feeling of dizziness, headaches, and paranoia, particularly when the dosage is far too high or when the strain is used for the first time.

Growing Brandywine

Brandywine grows well both indoors and outdoors as well as in a greenhouse environment. This strain will require a great deal of affection, patience, and care. This strain is easily susceptible to molds, pests, and diseases and is not going to tolerate high temperatures well. Then the best climate to grow this strain is similar to that in the Northern hemisphere climate. Nonetheless, you should be very careful about the nutrients you feed as both shortages and excess of specific elements could hit the strain.

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