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Brains Choice

KC Brains Holland has developed this new cannabis variety by mixing together three parents known for their own strengths. A Lamsbread Jamaica (1994), Leda Uno (1996), and from Ingemar White Widow (1996) was all combined producing a strong variety. It carries more sativa dominance and does well with its medical benefits.

Flavor and Effects of Brains Choice

Get the taste of sweet and smooth cannabis with floral, herbal or even earthy hints. It can have an immediate and strong effect that even those who use cannabis regularly can have a rest on their couch. If you plan to have physical rest and medicate, this variety is a good choice. It will help you enough with your health concerns with its effects.

Medical Benefits of Brains Choice

A medical benefit includes help in insomnia and loss of appetite. It can also help in managing pain especially if you had the stoning effect allowing you a physical rest.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Brains Choice

You may experience dry mouth or dry eyes, headache, nausea, and dizziness as negative effects that are also common to other cannabis strains.

Growing Brains Choice

You will grow tall plants that can grow well with other varieties. If you are rowing other varieties you can try this one. They are strong plants that can resist pests and molds. It is more recommended to growers with some experience to harvest a good quality crop that can also produce some very strong ones. Grow them outdoor and indoor and they will still be productive.

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