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To produce this strain, there will be a cross-breeding between Mickey Kush and Gelato Cookies. It is scintillating menthol citrus-sweet aroma, which blends well with a spicy, milky smoke making it perfect for night time consumption.

The Boombaye, which means €œTo fight,€ was nicknamed €œMohamed Ali€ by cannabis fans. This strain has a long taproot, which is not typical of strain.

Flavor and Effects of Boombaye

The Boombaye strain has a pineapple, bubble gum, and citrus flavor, which makes it a favorite for cannabis lovers. The Bombaye strain will make you experience a happy, relaxing, euphoric, soothing and uplifting effect while helping to improve concentration for higher productivity.

Medical Benefits of The Boombaye

This strain works best for the management of depression. It is also instrumental in the treatment of chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety. The Boombaye strain also has excellent medical potency to cure Gastrontestial diseases.

Negative Effects of the Boombaye

Too much intake of this strain has the following effect: dry and itchy eyes and dizziness. The Boobaye strain can also cause headaches, restlessness, fever, eating disorder, high blood pressure, and dry mouth.

Growing The Boombaye

Average humidity and good lighting are essential to ensure optimal growth and yield of this strain. When growing the Boombaye strain, attention should be given to avoid the attacks by pests. This strain is best grown indoors to achieve a good yield. Fertilizer may be applied if need be to provide better results. You may use mulching to prevent the strain from the excessive effects of ultra-violet rays of the sun