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Boo Berries

Boo Berries cannabis strain from Cosa Seeds is an Indica prevailing crossbreed with a THC normal of 21%. This strain is a cross between Legend OG, Chem ’91, Riotberry OG Kush, West Coast Dawg, and Sputnik 3. It poses a flavor like syrupy berries, including a kush finish, while the smell is more skunky earth and impactful kush with a fragrant botanical nearness. Buds are long and decreased with thin orange hairs against brilliant trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Boo Berries

It has an overly sweet berry enhance with only a dash of kush upon the breath out that is shockingly charming. The cannabis strain’s high will bring you into a glad lift short the restless vitality, voiding your musings and supplanting them with sluggish happiness. Your body will rest further into a quiet, which can cause sedation and drowsiness.

Medical Benefits of Boo Berries

The individuals who experience issues dealing with their interminable torment particularly value this present strain’s capacity to diminish this extraordinarily, while additionally helping their muscles unwind, fixing fits. The individuals who experience the ill effects of constant pressure and battle to oversee it can profit enormously from the utilization of this strain. It can take out their sickness and enable them to fight an absence of craving.

Negative Effects of Boo Berries

You will feel dry-mouthed, and frequently this will come in with dry and irritated eyes, making you feel marginally dry and awkward.

Growing Boo Berries

It is a plant that searches out a dry and bright outside atmosphere to flourish in and can yield very well under the right conditions. This strain makes buds that are normal in size yet are amazingly clingy and fragrant, with a smell that won’t be very easy to cover from your neighbors.

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