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Bonkers was made by crossing a Lemon Tree mother and a Cookies and Cream F2 father. The outcome is a half sativa and half indica fruity strain with a rich lemon flavor profile that emits from excellent lime green buds.

The experience for this strain is perfect for a smooth buzz that is potent in power. If you are a follower of lemon-stuffed strains, try this lemon cream treat out. Bonkers is famous for its powerful stone effect once tasted.

Flavor and Effects of Bonkers

This is a strain of lemon cream dessert with a sleepy sensation for a single puff that is known to lock you in the couch once smoked. Bonkers cannabis is good for daytime and evening use and will relieve stress and anxiety with slight sleepiness and cottonmouth.

Medical Benefits of Bonkers

A strain that contains 18% THC level. Bonkers is famous for its eccentric Euphoria kick that inspires creativity and boosts in focus. It is commonly used to subside insomnia, body pains, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Negative Effects of Bonkers

Bonkers may give you a dry mouth and dry eyes. A common side effect of cannabis. Continually sip water and stay hydrated.

Growing Bonkers

Bonkers’ buds are thick and firm that possesses a quality that is a natural resistant with mold and mildew. With these two characteristics, harvest can be done within a quick 6 weeks and might need another week to be truly ready. This strain was nurtured within a wet and cold forest and may be grown indoors or outdoors.