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Bonfire from Tiger Trees is an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that can be developed inside and outside. This strain is a cross between The White, Chemdog D, and Sour Diesel. It tends to be very powerful. Tenderfoots should avoid this strain. With a THC fixation this high, it’s anything but difficult to get inebriated. This strain is best utilized during the daytime.

Flavor and Effects of Bonfire

This strain contains extremely high levels of THC that changes uncontrollably from 16-25% overall and contains a delicious fragrance of the sweetness of pine. This weed incites solid cerebral rapture and laughs pursued by profound sedation and body-mind unwinding. It improves craving, center, and mind-set.

Medical Benefits of Bonfire

This is a strong strain that works extraordinarily at assuaging pressure. The most famous therapeutic utilization of this cannabis is in overseeing pressure and nerves. Some other medicinal employments of the White incorporate help from queasiness and other gastrointestinal issues.

Negative Effects of Bonfire

This strain resembles all different cannabis strains in that it likewise gives you dry mouth and dry eyes. To keep away from or limit that, drink water and remain hydrated. On uncommon examples, some may encounter a mellow cerebral pain or feel suspicious.

Growing Bonfire

This is a strain that develops tall and fragrant in a hot and fairly dry, bone-dry atmosphere, with low stickiness. High-force light is strongly suggested. It is, nonetheless, necessary to keep the developing condition clean because of the way that the plant can be inclined to a fine mold.

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