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It is a legendary pure Indica strain. It has been used to make a range of unique strains and varieties. Its name speaks for its ability. Its potency is notable which is expected from a pure variety. The other desirable traits are found in its quality and quantity of production, vigor, and speed of growth. 

It is categorized as an F1 of Afghani landrace. Since the effect is dominantly physical and sedative, the best time to consume this is in the evening and at night. It’s great as a recreational weed and medical marijuana. You need to have a high tolerance to be able to handle this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Bomb

As a pure Indica, it has earthy and fuel flavor. It doesn’t have a catchy bag appeal as well as the diesel smell but it’s not similar to its potency. It causes narcotic body stone that has the definite weight to leave you couchlock. The sedation follows and eases out any unwanted factors within your body and mind.

Medical Benefits of Bomb

It provides relief for people who suffer from pain, aches, spasm, muscle tension, cramps, fatigue as well as depression, mood swings, anxiety, stress, PTSD and other mental ailments.

 Negative Effects of Bomb

Dry feeling on your eyes and mouth can be felt once you didn’t drink water. It can leave you heavily stoned so be mindful of the dosage that you take.

Growing Bomb

It’s best to cultivate this weed indoors as you can control the temperature, humidity and essential needs like water and nutrients. Make sure you get the right pieces of equipment and set them up properly.