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Bom Shankar

Bom Shankar is a hybrid cannabis strain that was bred and engineered by No Mercy, which can be cultivated indoors and even outdoors. This strain brings drug-like symptoms to its name. It’s also not just a consequence of having a high concentration of THC, as many others have more. Thus we can say it’s not for novices. It really doesn’t make any difference how welcoming one is, but in a word, this strain is unbearable and sometimes overwhelming.

Flavor and Effects of Bom Shankar

The flavors of Bom Shankar are earthy and sweet tobacco. The strain, as pointed out earlier, is unbearable, but it doesn’t negatively do that. With that said, it would still depend on the user’s preference. The users would soon discover themselves idle and stuck on the sofa anyway. They will not feel lethargic, but rather space-like. It could also come to a point in which the mind starts to feel very much like swirling intoxication with alcohol. This is not a strain that must be tried by novices. Even highly experienced users can find the handling tough. But for individuals who are really in cannabis’ narcotic-like impacts, finding another hybrid strain which can do it as well as this one is difficult.

Medical Benefits of Bom Shankar

It emerges from medicinal marijuana patients ‘ accounts that this has been successful at helping individuals cope with certain digestive disorders like diarrhea. With the heavy-hitting Indica characteristics to be anticipated, the dulling and numbing buzz it transmits to the body helps alleviate tension muscles. As such, it benefits people with chronic conditions and spasms by delivering pain relief. As the intention should be to provide solace, sufferers must be distributed with only a small dose of this strain so that it doesn’t add to the discomfort.

Negative Effects of Bom Shankar

Although one aspect is almost assured, it is that several of the consumers feel nausea in different degrees. It is followed in many instances, also by increased levels of anxiety. Essentially, individuals who still have or are susceptible to anxiety issues should not use this strain. One last thing, some people might feel a bit paranoid too. Therefore, that would be something to bear in mind as well.

Growing Bom Shankar

This strain is in the shape of seeds, which is excellent news. However, it is quite a robust plant and is very patient with mistakes. It means novices will find cultivating less of a task than other strains. Due to its rapid flowering time, it is very resistant to molds, even with its wide and large buds.

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