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Bogota Breeze

Bogota Breeze is a mostly sativa cannabis strain that was bred by NorStar Genetics, which can be cultivated indoors. It is the result of crossing Cheese and Chelumbian. This provides an upbeat buzz effect on its users, which makes it even a more highly demanded strain in the cannabis industry.

Flavor and Effects of Bogota Breeze

The flavors of Bogota Breeze are sweet, lemon, lime, skunky, and woody. This will take you a couple of minutes before you could even feel its impact until you feel its impacts, after which you should anticipate an exciting buzz to begin with. It provides you a virtually endless supply of energy. Until the effects start to occur, then you inevitably will encounter an upbeat relaxation of the whole body. Although Bogota Breeze is powerful, that would not make you feel irritable at all.

Medical Benefits of Bogota Breeze

The strain is really important for people struggling with depression. You have to note that it is not that easy to deal with a person with depression. Also, that strain is a great mood booster. Even, due to its high stimulatory effects, Bogota Breeze can eradicate stress. During such an intense experience, most people feel tired and exhausted during the comedown. That is why it is best used during late afternoon or evening hours. This helps people to progress their assignments while the height of its Sativa influence is high. As it impacts wan, quality sleep will become propitious.

Negative Effects of Bogota Breeze

Dry mouth is among the most prevalent adverse reactions one can get from such a strain. There are several accounts of people feeling paranoia and anxiety. These symptoms are usually subtle but maybe reported very strongly. Though this is not at all dangerous, it will be unpleasant for the beginners. Certain symptoms can arise to a reduced extent, these as getting dry eyes and becoming dizzy.

Growing Bogota Breeze

When you’re an experienced cultivator, this wonderfully pleasant strain is quite easy to propagate. But a little advice to novice growers, since this strain can be susceptible to mold and fester, so if you want this to survive outdoors, it must be kept safe and dry.

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