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Body Bag SFV OGK

This is a product of three of Chem Dawg G, Tahoe OG, Chem Valley Kush, and Dead Head OG. This variety produces a sturdy and musky herb of THC levels that can exceed 25%. Thanks to its aroma alone, it is differentiated as this version can get very skunky and smells like petrol.

Flavor and Effects of Body Bag SFV OGK

The flavors of Body Bag SFV OGK are earthy, pungent, sweet, pine, spicy, herbal, woody, and diesel. It can give you the feeling of peace and as though you can move past your problems, making it a perfect cigarette end of the day. This hybrid will keep yourself in awakened spirits, always inspiring you to think outside the box and becoming more imaginative than your normal self as a result. This hybrid will make you feel pleased and almost instantaneously in great spirits, It even induces an overzealous body high which can sometimes persuade you to get stuck on a nearby couch, particularly over time and in higher doses, although this may be easily prevented by maintaining the dose at a reasonable level.

Medical Benefits of Body Bag SFV OGK

This hybrid can prove beneficial for long-term depressive sufferers, as it can also provide their emotions with a helpful increase of positivity. It can let these clients relax despite their fears and realize that by the end of the seemingly infinite corridor, there is a way. This is suitable for chronic pain management, too. The strain will soothe aches, including back pain, chest pains, and joint pains, making it much easier to get discomfort-free throughout the day. Another situation this hybrid can help to ease is fatigue since this strain can be invigorating and motivating.

Negative Effects of Body Bag SFV OGK

This strain may be quite heavy of a cigarette, specifically for novice users, but by maintaining the dose low, adverse effects can be easily avoided. The strain will end with a sore throat and dry mouth that often combines with swollen, watery eyes, leaving you feeling hungry and thirsty.

Growing Body Bag SFV OGK

As this cannabis strain has an average build, it is suitable for developing both outdoors and indoors. This plant is not difficult to propagate, as it possesses a power that accommodates different environments of the climate. Also, Body Bag SFV OGK reacts well with another form of indoor growth that makes it a preference for most beginners.

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