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Bodega Bubblegum

Bodega Bubblegum

Bodega Bubblegum is crafted by Greenpoint Seeds. The notable Indiana Bubblegum scent and gum creation with the strong and sharp essence is inherited from Stardawg. This strain has excellent colorful foliage and a terpene profile that harmonizes between the strain’s parents.

Carrying traces of sweet and fuzzy modern compounds. Bodega Bubblegum’s alluring appearance, quick flourishing time, complex fragrance, and charming impacts make this strain an unquestionable requirement have for indica-sweethearts.

Flavor and Effects of Bodega Bubblegum

This strain’s aroma is aligned with a pinch of fruity sweetness as the nugs are settled. The Bodega Bubblegum high will sprout you with a quick surge of giggly, happy, creative boost that will wash over you and will leave a sociable and talkative trace.

Medical Benefits of Bodega Bubblegum

This strain is famous for its quality to reduce fatigue, depression, and appetite. Bodega bubblegum is highly translated to be an excellent option for treating conditions such as muscle pains, arthritis, and stress.
Negative Effects of Bodega Bubblegum

For most of the cannabis, this strain’s side effects have been reported to bear dry eyes, dry mouth, and cramps. If you are encountering certain results, make sure that you stay hydrated and drink a lot of liquids.

Growing Bodega Bubblegum

Bodega Bubblegum is recommended to grow either indoors or outdoors. You may opt to feed the plant with organic plant food and make sure water only when soil is dry so that mold infestation will be prevented. Plan ahead by giving your plant a lot of space to stretch.