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Bocelli traces its bloodline from two well-known varieties. The first is the Cookies and Cream, which for their uplifting product, has earned a good fan base. The other was an unknown mutation of Girl Scout Cookies, a strain recognized for its incredible emotional high. A breeder was able to develop a healthy hybrid by mixing these two strains, which not only reeked and tastes great but also goes with such a potent kick that dissolves into a balanced high.

Flavor and Effects of Bocelli

The flavors of Bocelli are sweet, nutty, and vanilla. When you start to feel pleased and enthusiastic, the psychological high persists in escalating, although not to the point of becoming psychedelic. This is accompanied by the high physical body, which helps balance the high mentally. The Indica side’s sedative ability soothes your body down without forcing you to feel tired or be trapped in a couch-lock. Such healthy highs make this particular strain one of the world’s best combinations.

Medical Benefits of Bocelli

This strain’s balanced high can definitely help you feel better. This is why it will help you decrease your body’s tension, as well as provide relief from slight pains and cramps. It could also make you feel drained, based on the amount that you have utilized. This really does give a boost of energy in smaller volumes, but a little too much, and you begin to feel sleepy. A further impact it has is to make the user feel hungry, which implies that those who have trouble maintaining a healthy appetite might gain from this.

Negative Effects of Bocelli

Utilizing this strain may raise anxiety levels for those with anxiety disorder conditions or fears, and those of users who are inclined to such anxiety. If this happens, then it is most probably due to overuse. Apart from that, the dry mouth and eye irritation, both prevalent with cannabis use, would be a common negative reaction.

Growing Bocelli

It may grow outdoors, but it does seem to flourish indoors better. It reacts well to using soil or hydroponics and therefore, should yield a decent yield by harvest time.