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Bob’s Meds

Bob’s Meds are developed by Lost River Seeds, by utilizing the Lost River Seeds female Venkman OG # 3 and fertilizing it with the male Chem Breath. A teammate of Lost River developed chem Breath by Archive Seeds crossing Chem 4 from Chemdog to Rudeboi OG.

Flavor and Effects of Bob’s Meds

The flavors of Bob’s Meds are citrus, woody, pine, sweet, and spicy. While having been primarily Indica, this strain has deep mental consequences leaving consumers feeling satisfied from the inside. The first delirious initiation is carried in. But this also creates a strong interest and ability to accomplish the activities, as it stimulates the brain.  It is not unusual to see some consumers for lengthy periods digging deeper into tasks, particularly as the calming effects of this particular strain begin. A prickling vibration from the temples relieves the body. While severe, the initial emotional symptoms are kept at bay.

Medical Benefits of Bob’s Meds

The clear-minded high of this strain momentarily eliminates self-defeating and negative behavior that often plagues people with stress, depression, and other psychological disorders such as PTSD. The happy high strengthens and improves mood. As just that, it can be used as a way to relax, too. Sleeping quickens recovery and is a major source of regeneration. But chronic pain, twitching aches, and insomnia still hinder it. It relaxes consumers by appeasing them until they are immersed in sleep.

Negative Effects of Bob’s Meds

Whatever the pressure, cannabis is causing thirst. Consumers are likely to wind up with a cottonmouth and potentially slight burning of the eyes, particularly with other cannabinoids interacting with moist output in the tear ducts. This is usually overlooked by those who have the expertise for its mildness. Nonetheless, novices may want to drink a lot of water before and after a pot activity to relieve the effects. Occasionally, consumers can momentarily get dizzy.

Growing Bob’s Meds

This strain ensures a full female batch for its producers, a precise copy of their mother’s DNA, and secure cannabinoid compounds. They do seem to be very sensitive, too. And therefore, they are better suited to developing indoors. So while they can be developed in soil, a greenhouses system can offer the full potential, so guarantee that it is safe. Cultivators may also add the Green process Screen and display it to a photoperiod of 12/12.