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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

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This bud is an invigorating Sativa that garnered 2nd place in the contest Colorado Cannabis Cup in the year 2016. The hereditary comes from crossing Afghani and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. As this was crossed by some potent high, this will crash your insides in a great sense. The name is from an entertainer who is a part of the Full House that will kick you back with much laughter like the show. Its nugs are so dense and in popcorn shape along with green nugs and light orange hairs covered in white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Bob Saget

The quick hints of flavors come from the combination of chemical, spicy, herbal, sweet, and sage undertones which will delight you. A euphoric buzz on every inch of your body will be felt as soon as you had the first take of this strain. Your pacing and control over the ideas would sharpen and it will likewise draw more of your creativity. Likewise, it will leave in gladness which is the cause that your state of mind will be okay and good. A wonderful tingly sensation will be sent on the body which will trigger hunger and sleepiness.

Medical Benefits of Bob Saget

Bob Saget cannabis strain will decrease the staggering symptoms of stress and depression. It will empower your mind and will keep you free from painful feelings. At the same time, this cures mood or bipolar disorders as it profoundly draws your sentiments in a settlement. It also has amazing characteristics that relieve pain. It will numb chronic pains or any type of fatigue that comes around on you. Bob Saget cannabis strain will energy your stomach out of hunger and will help you make more meals. This will awaken your desire to fall asleep easily, curing your insomnia.

Negative Effects of Bob Saget

This marijuana strain will overpower your brain which draws you to feel overwhelmed. Its strong Sativa components will excite your head in pain. It will infuse migraines, and this will happen when you take too much of this. Rarely, this may also infuse paranoia which is also an effect when you use too much of this. The minimalist negative effect is the dry mouth and dry eyes, but you can solve this by taking more water or use some eyes drops.

Growing Bob Saget

Topping is the best method to keep this cannabis short as this may hinder the light in the lower nodes if this will not be topped. It likewise grows bushier which can create side branches that ask of you to grow this in the wide space area. The Screen of Green (ScrOG) is the best method to apply for the best development of the yields. A 60-watt HID light must be added in the growing setting during the vegetative or blooming stage to improve the creation of the buds.

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