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BLZ Bud is an indica-dominant strain with 80% indica and 20% sativa. It was a combination between Train Wreck, Silver Haze, and G-13 strains. We owe to its heritage the spicy and fruity taste, and musty aroma. it has an amazing THC level 20% that makes it stand out with its potency. This should not be smoked by cowardly users.

After consumption, users will feel an immediate, forceful effect immediately paralyzed on the couch but later transition to euphoric feelings, leaving your body in a state of calmness. However, as soon as it wears off, users may experience headaches.

Flavor and Effects of BLZ Bud

The BLZ Bud has an earthy scent and terpinolene fruity like apples and spicy, peppery taste, which makes users coming back smoke after smoke. The strain offers feelings of arousal, euphoria, uplift, happiness, and relaxing effects.

Medical Benefits of BLZ Bud

The strain is great in relieving the symptoms of ADD/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, hyperactivity, and depression. It also helps in the treatment of insomnia and loss of appetite,

Negative Effects of BLZ Bud

After consumption, users should expect to experience dry mouth and eyes dizzy, along with slight paranoia, anxiousness, and headaches.

Growing BLZ Bud

BLZ Bud can grow with large leaves with a cluster of buds on the main stem. For outdoor cultivation, sow seeds at 0.50 inches’ depth with 12 inches’ space apart from each plant. With proper growing requirements and enough plain water, this strain can grow increasingly within the first few weeks for about 25-50%.

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