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Blush IBL

Blush IBL was released in 2005; Blush IBL is a hybrid of the unusual and enigmatic Dutch Passion’s Blue Moonshine and Berlin, a Blueberry descendant with a deep gene pool, combining both Afghani and Thai genes. Blush IBL develops better in cooler climates, and its blue characteristics are also improved by this form of environment, so you should not only get something out of this strain in a colder set-up, but you will also get a decent looking flower. Nonetheless, this is not a good option for SOG because, being a kind of grassroots vine, it prefers soil and natural grazing over hydro and unnecessary chemical resources.

Flavor and Effects of Blush IBL

The flavors of Blush IBL are earthy, berry, woody, blueberry, citrus, pine, and sweet. This strain is all about getting in happy feelings. A cloud of smoke out of this awesome Indica package would be enough to cause you to want to lean back into your seat and truly appreciate the body stone it offers. At the very same moment, you will be feeling sloshed and floaty. A high-dose of this strain can make you tired and is thus better utilized as an evening challenge instead of a daytime smoke. You’ll be more concentrated at the start of the boost, encouraging you to remain relaxed and join involved while loving the de-stressing impact that it would have on you.

Medical Benefits of Blush IBL

This powerful Indica strain is also ideal for those that want a little support in handling their stress, as it will motivate you to become more positive about everyday activities. It can make you feel a little bit better, and you often can’t recall what you’ve been thinking over. This particular strain is best for night owls because, in time, this will leave you feeling relaxed and good as a way to finish up a stressful and eventful day. This pressure is also ideal for those dealing with not-too-severe chronic pain, such as muscle pain, nausea, and joint flare-ups.

Negative Effects of Blush IBL

Full cottonmouth is characteristic of this particular strain because cannabinoids interact in the mouth with the development of saliva. It is rarely followed by eye problems like a sensation of it being dry, but both are normal. A rather more common side effect is anxiety caused by the overuse of the strain. Therefore, the use of the strain in balance is important for consumers.

Growing Blush IBL

This specific strain is a great choice for beginner farmers and critics alike, as it is easy to handle and needs no extra enzymes. This bud develops well outdoor and indoor outdoors, in which it enjoys a dry, sunny setting.

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