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Terraform Genetics produced Blukashima after breeding Blue Dream cut to a male phenotype sativa-dominant Chernobyl. This hybrid strain acquires pressure and pain management qualities with relaxing sensations from both its parent strains.

You will experience animating buzz impacts from intense parent strains. This strain is suggested to be smoked with a considerably humble amount in case you are new to cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Blukashima

Savoring heavenly vanilla and its famous blackberry flavor smell, this strain will display your happiness and lean satisfaction by minimizing firm pressures, and pain easing effects are given by this powerful strain.

Medical Benefits of Blukashima

Blukashima enhances creativity with smooth management of muscle spasms, pain reduction, and anti-depressant. Its smokes can manage chronic insomnia and reduces inflammation. This unique strain will also treat physical fatigue and mental uneasiness.

Negative Effects of Blukashima

This strain attributes a handful of negative effects that include dry eyes and dry mouth. A normal side effect for most cannabis in the market. Some side effects may elevate into a dizzy feeling, paranoia, and head pains that are a frequent sentiment for a first time use of Blukashima strain.

Growing Blukashima

You may opt to grow Blukashima strain in both indoors and outdoors. To grow this cannabis, utilize a good quality soil with ample plant food and can be implanted to improve its yields. Monitor the plant’s health. In one to two months, you can observe to see the Blukashima strain starting to bloom. As a normal yielding strain, the Blukashima can create one to three-ounce per square foot.

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