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Another of the world’s most prestigious breeders and marijuana plant dealers, which is Pepita Seeds, has developed a unique variety that is designed to be cultivated indoors by mixing four from its own renowned and powerful Afghanica Strains weed. As a product, they have created Bluesmog, an indica plant that will certainly overwhelm the sensations and control your body like no other strain of marijuana has ever achieved. The herb can be rather sweet and tastes peppery. The leaves are larger and could even be developed into such a plant with branches. It is quite easy to propagate and has high concentrations of THC, which can offer off the kind of buzz you’d like to have all day through.

Flavor and Effects of Bluesmog

The flavors of Bluesmog are spicy, peppery, woody, herbal, and citrus. This particular strain will uplift your spirit and bring your mind to a mental height, even when it is utilized in a tiny portion. It might even cause a rise in imaginative thinking. This is one strong Indica that will be creeping fast on your body. The stimulant compounds help soothe the stresses out of your body as the emotional high kicks in, taking you into a full state of meditation. You wouldn’t want to utilize this strain if you really need to do some stuff. However, at the end of each day, have one, and it will make you sleep well.

Medical Benefits of Bluesmog

It has proved to be a versatile strain that carries Indica’s raw power for your body. Medicinal marijuana users have tried this strain because of its capacity to help patients reduce their levels of stress, which then, in effect, makes it much easier to deal with serious health issues involving anxiety disorders such as depression and PTSD. The heavy sedative impact on the body may keep you feeling tired, and at the same time, it could also relieve or decrease the effects of severe pain and aches. Several users also indicated that a few gastrointestinal discomforts such as diarrhea and also have a lasting benefit.

Negative Effects of Bluesmog

It might not be the strongest strain for several new people to be with, but if you have it in full sight, then you might be taking a few tokes to check it out. Also, it could allow some people to start feeling a little dizzy. Another aspect you must be mindful of is that even if this strain could be used as medicinal cannabis, there are limited circumstances that could potentially increase the stress levels and anxiety instead of just alleviating it. It is, however, probably a good idea to sometimes stick on the conservative side when using these strains of cannabis.

Growing Bluesmog

While this can be grown outdoors in a sunny and Mediterranean environment, it is not advised. Alternatively, professional farmers say that this strain of marijuana is best suited to indoor hydroponic production. It is highly resilient, and the Sea of Green (SOG) approach reacts well.