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Blue’s Revenge

The Capitan’s Connection bred this hybrid strain. It is a combination of Blue Dream and Ryan’s Revenge. Blue Dream is a cash cropper and what it produces is top-shelf quality. Ryan’s Revenge is made from several crossing. Growers would love this strain as they can gain heavy yield from this. Their effort would be abundantly paid off.

It can be a daytime or evening strain. It has a buzz that can motivate you in conquering your day.

Flavor and Effects of Blue’s Revenge

The flavor is sweet and with the presence of blueberries. It has a slight cerebral buzz that can keep you going on a day. You’ll be able to finish your tasks and responsibilities with unusual motivation. But it can relax your body after the high fades away.

Medical Benefits of Blue’s Revenge

This weed can easily counter the symptoms of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It can stop emotional breakdown and other negative feelings. It boosts your appetite so it can be a remedy for eating disorders. It can also help those who want to gain a few kilos.

Negative Effects of Blue’s Revenge

This weed can bring dry eyes and dry mouth. They are minor negative effects that can easily be countered by hydration. When smoking marijuana, moisture should be retained in your body.

Growing Blue’s Revenge

It can be cultivated outdoors or indoors. The main nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each growth stage requires a different nutrient. Plants should be fed by the right amount of nutrients and water. Overfeeding and overwatering can harm your plants.

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