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BlueLime Pie

BlueLime Pie

It is a very potent strain by Sin City Seeds based on its staggering THC level up to 30%. It is not for beginners who are still developing their tolerance. It is an Indica dominant hybrid that is the combination of Blue Power and Keylime Pie. It smells and tastes like lime Skittles. Puffing this weed like you’re popping candy in your mouth.

Flavor and Effects of BlueLime Pie

It tastes like cookies with sweet and sour essence. It is extremely powerful so it should be taken with care. It can make you giggle even without any reason. Regular consumers benefit a lot from this strain as it is their source of relief and they can relax.

Medical Benefits of BlueLime Pie

It has analgesic properties for chronic pain, muscle spasm, and tension. It also enhances appetite so it can be used to eliminate eating disorders. You will be able to have a healthy eating habit again.

Negative Effects of BlueLime Pie

This weed causes heavy cottonmouth and dry eyes. It’s important to hydrate yourself when smoking weed. Beginners with low tolerance can be easily overwhelmed by this strain.

Growing BlueLime Pie

It can be grown outdoors and indoors. You can do the topping for this plant. Avoid overwatering and overfeeding to avoid root rot and nutrient burn. Growers should monitor marijuana plants regularly. In case there are some issues, you can apply the solution in a timely manner.