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Bluebonik, an Indica marijuana derivative hybrid, is distinguished by its blueberry scent and distinct calming effect, bred and developed by the Genethik Seeds. This Blueberry and Kootenay Blueberry infusion provide plants of medium size with wide, gloomy leaves and a robust composition. The Bluebonik develops long bulbous and resinous head during its growing period, from 8 to 9 weeks, which gives an average production.

Flavor and Effects of Bluebonik

The flavors of Bluebonik are earthy, sweet, vanilla, and berry. The impact of this strain would be like banging on your head in a swift burst of energy that would incredibly take you to a height further than the sky above. It also develops your incentive and swirling ideas. It clearly would take you to a universe of unparalleled elation. Only because it produces a potent form of buzz, it is often said that this strain is not appropriate for novice pot smokers, as it can cause depression or anxiety.

Medical Benefits of Bluebonik

The strain could be used to manage and relieve symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety. It could even treat users who are experiencing migraines, depression, glaucoma PTSD. This is why this has often been one of the most highly prescribed by doctors to people with insomnia and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Bluebonik

In several situations, this can trigger dryness in the throat and itchiness of the eyes. This also exhibits a possible occurrence of anxiety, especially for under-qualified consumers of weeds.

Growing Bluebonik

It’s often suggested that this plant is to be cultivated outdoors or in greenhouses, as this can create a liberal amount of yield. This plant is unable to survive at low temperatures. SCROG or SOG is included in the suggested growing technique for this crop.