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Blueberry x Jesus OG

This slight sativa strain engineered by Cannabeizein that can push the mental activity level in your head to paradise. But since it is an Indica prevailing strain, it has that hard-hitting Indica impact strain that could lead to a couch-lock. Due to its impact, it is considered as a famous strain and is highly demanded.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry x Jesus OG

The flavors of Blueberry x Jesus OG are sweet, vanilla, berry, and pine. One of the most common things that you experience when you begin to use this strain is the pleasant head vibration. The level of activity within the brain continues to pick up from your eyes widening. Since some people have referred, something you speak about brings on a new dimension, no matter how insignificant. You might suggest, in that way, that this tension causes deeper thinking. Utilized in balance, people tend to feel exhilarated and in a great mood at large. This strain could also offer an extra boost. However, if you use a dosage that is way beyond your tolerance, then you must anticipate an opposite reaction of its usual impact. In simpler words, once you use too much of this strain, you surely will end up on the couch.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry x Jesus OG

This strain has a strong mental and physical consistency; it is quite helpful in relieving stress. As we already know, the anxiety level can be minimized easily, and then it helps those with anxiety and depression immensely. This helps you to have still ideas which you need to feel good about, while it has an analgesic impact that relaxes the body. So it is for this purpose that this particular strain tends to ease minor recurring headaches and pains as well.

Negative Effects of Blueberry x Jesus OG

You might find yourself getting a little woozy when you’re using a little too much. As already stated, the utterly different feeling can also lead to an increase in stress levels. Furthermore, it might sound more like a stimulant than any other, rather than a psychotic experience.

Growing Blueberry x Jesus OG

Its knotted leaves make it hard to split some small and medium-sized flowers unless you are using a grinder or a certain blender. It develops with copper pistils and a spattering of trichomes with bright colored green leaves. It can be planted indoors, outdoors, and in gardens. This crop is not a simple plant to cultivate, because you would have to use the Low Stress Training (LST) approach to cover it, cut and prepare.