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Blueberry Trainwreck

Blueberry Trainwreck

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This strain does well if grown in a sunny Mediterranean climate. Created in the Netherlands in the middle 90s, this strain has a great medicinal effect on than sedating effects when in comparison with other strain. The cross-breeding of Northern light #5 and shiva skunk with Sensi seed will produce Blueberry Trainwreck.

This strain is also known as €œblackberry wreck,€ which was First bred by mystery breeder farm. This strain has many phenotypes, which are mainly branched conic specimens with resinous, thick, and sticky buds with hues of a yellow and green undertone. It will leave you with a speck of fresh dirt, musky and spicy berries aroma with Kush vibe finishing. This strain has purple-orange trichomes. The leave of this strain has a curly structure with a long stem, which is unique characteristics of this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Trainwreck

It has a scintillating flavor of nutty, blueberry, diesel and skunk
Which makes it perfect for either paving or smoking.

This hybrid will leave you with a euphoric and uplifting effect. Just after your first exhale, you will experience a sharp, energetic effect that will skyrocket your motivation for greater creativity and productivity. Othe effects to expect from this strain are happy and agility.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Trainwreck

This strain is used by people who suffer from depression, migraines, and stress. The Blueberry Trainwreck is very effective in the management of chronic pain, loss of appetite and nausea, vomiting, movement disorder, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorder, attention deficit disorder, anxiety. It also has a soothing effect on the body which helps to minimize the attack of insomnia for a relaxed deep sleep and panic.

Negative Effects of Blueberry Trainwreck

The Blueberry Trainwreck strain can cause dizziness, paranoid, and dry mouth. Due to its high Cannabinoid content, it can also cause headaches, sleeplessness, dry, itchy eyes, and fever.

Growing the Blueberry Trainwreck

The indoor method of cultivation is used to get the best growth and yield of this strain. Good lighting, normal humidity, and normal good soil pH-level are required for the best growth and yield of the Blueberry Trainwreck strain. From first to the sixth week of planting this strain, watering should be done at least thrice a day. Proper attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals, which reduces the maximum yield of this strain. This strain does well if grown indoors.

Fertilizer may be applied to enhance the maximum yield of this strain. The Blueberry Trainwreck strain grows very fast, and its planting method is difficult. if you are planning or already growing this strain, it is advisable to consult those who have planted the strain in the past for assistance.