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Blueberry Teeth

Also called as Sweet Tooth #4, Blueberry Teeth is an Indica dominant marijuana produced by Dankonomics Genetics. It is a product of crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit female with a Blueberry male. She has a variety of aroma from blueberry cream to grapefruit sour. This inbreeds line cannabis has truly yummy taste perfect for your delectable palates.

Flavor and Effects of Blueberry Teeth

This cannabis has flavors of blueberry and grapefruit in sweet and sour delight. Blueberry Teeth has a soft euphoric effect leaving you relaxed and deeply creative. It also uplifts your energy so this weed is suitable as your buddy companion to any time of the day.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Teeth

The relaxing effect of Blueberry Teeth helps people relieve pain and aches. Since she can uplift your mood, Blueberry Teeth is suitable for people suffering from fatigue, stress, and lack of motivation. She’s a good antidepressant too and helps you overcome your anxieties.

Negative Effects of Blueberry Teeth

You might feel dehydrated with Blueberry Teeth as its side effects. Yet, this feeling is manageable and you only need water beside you then can fully enjoy your moment with this weed.

Growing Blueberry Teeth Some information and Tips

This cannabis plant grows indoor or outdoor but great growth was observed outdoor in cold climate. Other than that, Blueberry Teeth also thrives in a greenhouse. This lady offers many options to growers who wanted to raise her up. She’s is neither easy nor difficult to grow and even novice cultivators may start their growing experience with Blueberry teeth. Considering that she has shorter flowering time, Blueberry Teeth is suitable for growers who don’t like to wait long weeks to enjoy their weeds.